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Robust 360° customer view for highly targeted marketing campaigns

Collection of all customer data in one place is the backbone of any process to understand the customers’ needs and expectations. However, data that was coming through Krombacher’s multiple online portals remained sitting largely in silos. To enable 360° customer view, the company needed a robust integration solution to consolidate that data in one Source of Truth.

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Great customer experience through smart integration

Topics like great customer experience and customer retention, competitive advantage, revenue generation, and cost optimization remain key challenges for retailers whether they have digital presence or not. Here’s how three eCommerce businesses decided to tackle these by optimising core processes through smart integration.

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Embedded integration layer for SaaS products

The three featured SaaS vendors have come to realize that their customers’ integration needs have grown rapidly over the past few years. Since building integrations per customer / per use case wasn’t a sustainable approach, the vendors decided to explore the idea of embedding integration capabilities in their products via iPaaS.

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Facilitating mergers & acquisitions with an integration layer

A large provider of software solutions for retail and logistic companies in North America structure their innovation and growth strategy around M&A. With the right integration solution, they were able to achieve full integration of acquired companies’ technology into the core IT infrastructure faster and at lesser costs.

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Full-service integration hub for eCommerce software

Infinite Codeworks, UK-based integration solutions provider, decided to standardize integration development in order to make the business more scalable. Ben Burch, CEO and Founder, tells in this interview how they sped up time to market by building new connectors faster by a factor of 10.

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Building a powerful UC product with a presence bot

IPEX, a Czech telco company, wanted to provide better integration of its main product, an all-in-one communication tool, with various CRM systems. Martin Olexik, Product Manager, tells how they could cut their development efforts by 30-40%.

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Enabling Creation of Self-Service Integration Marketplace on Top of White-Labeled iPaaS

Apora specializes in system integration of Zoho CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, and Google Apps. The Dutch system integrator decided to scale this expertise with a self-service integration marketplace to win new markets and expand revenue streams.

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Integrating cloud-based CRM software with On-Premise ERP and eCommerce software

Fabric House, an Italian B2B wholesaler, changed over to a fully-fledged CRM system from an embedded module. The company's CEO Johann Trischberger reveals how they managed to do that 85% faster than expected.

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Providing out-of-the-box, easily customizable integration between online shops and ERP

Keynet is a digital agency based in Austria that creates beautiful designs and does a full setup for online shops, but its team used to have troubles meeting the rising demand for integration of integration shop software with ERP.

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Building a predefined connector and numerous ready-to-use one-click integration solutions

Debitoor wanted to be able to integrate its invoicing and accounting software solution with other popular solutions easily and quickly, thus offering its customers more flexibility and more integration options.

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Overview of the Integration Platform as a Service - Part 1

Areas of application of iPaaS datasheet

Are you relatively new to the concept of iPaaS? Well, in this case you will find in this datasheet some most common implementation examples of iPaaS in general, and of the cloud-based integration platform as a service in particular.

Overview of the Integration Platform as a Service - Part 2

Role-based operation datasheet

The main feature of iPaaS is that it is easy to learn and use to use, and not only for IT people. From this datasheet, you'll learn what groups within an organization can use the integration platfrom, and for what purpose exactly.

IoT-related projects & implementation of integration platform

IoT-related integration

Are you at the initial stage of an IoT project or planning to start one? Then this datasheet might be for you. It covers the two most common reasons why IoT projects often require profound integration with the rest of IT, and how the iPaaS is a good fit for this job.

How to use iPaaS for your API integration strategy

API-powered integration datasheet

Are you aware of what the number one issue with APIs is? It’s the fact that they are largely inconsistent. Find out through this datasheet why this is a problem and how iPaaS can bring standardization and consistency into your data and application integration.

Integrated Marketplace: Sales Channel That Is Tailor-Made for System Integrators

Integrated software marketplace datasheet

Increasingly more businesses are looking for mature and sophisticated integration solutions, that can automate and speed up complete business processes. System integrators can address this growing need at lower expense by standardizing integration scenarios with similar business logic.

White-label Integration: Help your customers integrate your product with their IT landscape

White-label integration datasheet

With so many data sources available today, one of the ways to provide better value to your customers and stand out from the competition is to help them integrate your solution, service or product into the complex fabric of their IT infrastructure faster and easier than your competitor.

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