Facilitating post-merger integration for a software solutions provider

[…] companies cannot do business without a well-functioning IT. This is why they should not underestimate the importance of IT in the integration process as it is a key enabler for most synergies and usually the highest area of one-time costs. Therefore, integrating IT is a priority that deserves careful consideration in every budget and schedule. PwC Study 'Success Factors in Post-Merger Integration'

A large provider of software solutions for retail and logistic companies in North America reached a stage of maturity where their original business model started to limit growth. The company, therefore, structured their innovation and growth strategy around mergers and acquisitions to close any innovation gaps they have.

Considering the large number of new systems, applications and data coming with acquired companies, the software solutions provider started looking for an integration system that would help them with post-merger integration. Furthermore, the focus was lying on streamlining all business processes, facilitating information exchange across the old and new units, and delivering a single view of the newly formed organization faster and at lesser costs. For this purpose, the company selects the elastic.io Enterprise iPaaS solution.

Read the Post-Merger Integration case study and learn:

  • IT infrastructure integration costs are reduced while ensuring all business-critical data is available to the parent company
  • Disturbance to the acquired company business is minimized, thereby maintaining focus on revenue generation
  • The new post-merger integration solution can be shared among multiple parties with various skills levels, including business users


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