elastic.io Legal Disclosure

Legal Disclosure elastic.io GmbH

The legal disclosure elastic.io is required and presented in accordance with the section 5 of Telemediengesetz (German “Telemedia Act”)

elastic.io GmbH
Rabinstrasse 4
53111 Bonn

Authorised representatives

Renat Zubayrov, Igor Drobiazko and Jörg Uhrmacher


Phone: +49 (0) 228 53444221
E-Mail: info@elastic.io
URL: www.elastic.io

More information available in our “Here is how to contact elastic.io” page.

Data Protection Officer

Kontakt: privacy@elastic.io

Entry in Commercial Register

Register Number: HRB 19798
Register Court: Amtsgericht Bonn

VAT number

VAT identification number in accordance with section 27 a of the German VAT act:


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elastic.io legal disclosure