Data Migration

Relocate all data between systems, databases and applications without heavy custom coding and at low cost

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As-a-service Mentality

The data transfer is scaled automatically and indefinitely, with us taking full care of any server-related questions and issues


Connect any number of storages, databases or applications regardless of their geographical or physical locations

Fast ETL set-up

The easy-to-follow graphic interface makes data transformation a simple and straightforward process

100+ connectors

Our purpose-built connectors for mainstream business applications as well as general-purpose connectors for integration via standard protocols such as REST, SOAP or ODATA help you minimize the time and costs for data migration.


Data processing happens at the average speed of 10 milliseconds, ensuring extremely low latency, while robust microservices-based architecture handles any range from 1 to 10K messages per second.


The sophisticated monitoring and logging processes make sure that nothing gets lost during the data migration. In addition to that, is hosted in Germany and fully complies with GDPR, providing high level of data security while connecting cloud to on-premises.



iPaaS Implementation:
Thou Shalt Not Reinvent the Wheel

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