See who’s helping businesses behind the screens’s primary motivation is to support large corporations and mid-size businesses alike in their digital strategy initiatives by helping them spend less time on gathering data together across the entire organization, and instead, have enough time and resources to focus on using this data to improve business operations or to develop new products and services.


The beginning

Founded by Renat Zubairov, Igor Drobiazko and Rico zu Knyphausen

2014 Connect

We launched a new product designed to deliver one-click integration solutions to SMEs. Connect was, however, shut down a year later.

year-to-year revenue growth


Followed by winning the ALSO Startup Award, went into partnership with ALSO Germany.

containers per month

2017 became part of mVISE Holding, a German public company with over 15 years of consultancy and project experience in IT.

custom connectors developed

2017 went into an OEM partnership with Magic Software, a global provider of enterprise-grade integration software solutions.

2018 went into a strategic partnership with Riversand, a leading cloud Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solution provider.


Seed investment GmbH received a significant seed investment from a Joint Venture Investment Corporation of the Alghanim Family, Kuwait and the Kuenheim Family, Germany.

2015 Platform 2.0

The second-generation integration platform as a service was launched, with a modern, microservices-based IT architecture and hybrid integration capabilities.

2016 White-Label

The OEM version of the iPaaS was launched, offering system integrators and ISVs new ways to build business models around their products and services.

year-to-year revenue growth



We started a two-year Germany-wide joint project to develop an open-source product that would become an industry standard for application integration at SMEs.

year-to-year revenue growth

2018 went into partnership with AppDirect, the only end-to-end commerce platform for succeeding in the digital economy.

We are proud to say that has established and continues to nurture the culture of openness, transparency, flexibility and immediate support both for our customers and within the company.

Our Team


Renat Zubairov

Optimist, part-time techie, part-time sales, full-time father of three

Igor Drobiazko

Bookworm, dog lover, passionate triathlete and a happy father

Joerg Uhrmacher

20 years in IT, a handball maniac and a keen runner, a father of three


Manfred Götz

Started in IT with ZX81 and C64, loves politics and his recumbent bike

Rainer Bastian

IT oldie, loves playing bass, piano and classical guitars, skilled sailor

The Strong Core


Passionate techie and hacker who believes in statistics doctored personally


Craft beer enthusiast, likes history and is fond of traveling with family


Open-minded to the world, novelty seeker. Loves friends, food and cats


Big fan of football, Dynamo Kyiv and science fiction movies. Adores dogs


Badass skier, likes reading and travelling. Football and Xabi Alonso fan


Smart and ambitious lady who likes to travel and spend time with family


Adventurous spirit who gets a kick out of cycling and playing video games


Spends his free time coding, admits that his favourite sport is couch-lounging


Music lover with a talent for piano and guitar and a passion for trekking


Inspired by travels. Writes a code in his mind. Terrifies the enemies in video games


Ice-skater and kayak enthusiast, always up for a good comedy or a board game with friends


A guy with big dreams and a huge passion to make them true


A wicked cool guy with a nice ponytail. Likes sci-fi, board games and cats


Nap enthusiast. Loves night walks, adores people with a good sense of humor


Enophile, fencer, cat person, weapons lover. Knows why the Net was born


A fan of Marvel movie universe, loves to travel, enjoys good food


Downhill and Japanese Martial Arts enthusiast, traveller and a very happy father


Smart home technologies contributor. Fond of personal finance. Winter is for 🏂


Tech guy, traveller, father. Loves cats, likes silence and nature


Ski and free-diving enthusiast, a proud Java developer. Loves cats


Addicted to good wine & loves creating innovative and beautiful looking interfaces


Part-time professional life enjoyer. Loves gaming and 90’s horror movies