Enabling native SaaS integration capabilities

"For SaaS providers, owning the integration infrastructure is a matter of competitive advantage - not just an offer of completeness."Massimo Pezzini, Vice President and Research Fellow at Gartner

A number of SaaS vendors have come to realize that their customers’ integration needs have grown rapidly over the course of the last few years. Meeting those needs have become a high-level priority in order to retain existing customers and successfully acquire new ones.

However, offering integrations per customer or per use case is hardly a sustainable approach for SaaS providers. Instead, the three vendors featured in the case study came to the decision to explore the idea of introducing native SaaS integration capabilities with the help of a white-labelled integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Read the native SaaS integration case study and learn:

  • Why a mid-size provider of a platform that allows to develop and deploy enterprise applications wants to extend its offering by adding an integration tool on top of it.
  • How a mid-size solutions provider for product information management (PIM) wants to keep up with his customers' ever increasing integration requirements.
  • How SaaS vendors can increase the overall value of the product and ensure higher customer satisfaction.
Adding native SaaS integration capabilities


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