Delivering great customer experience through integration

The more companies move toward digital business models, the greater the need for modern application infrastructure to connect data, software, users and hardware in ways that deliver new digital services or productsFabrizio Biscotti, research vice president at Gartner

In the last decade, the retail industry has evolved enormously. The increasing popularity of eCommerce has allowed retailers to expand their presence with almost no limits. Pretty exciting but also quite challenging. Questions like great customer experience and customer retention, competitive advantage, revenue generation, and cost optimization remain key challenges for all retailers whether they have digital presence or not. Digital transformation simply expanded the battlefield… – and added new challenges on top of that.

Among our customers, we encountered four major pain points that are common to many retail businesses. These could be, however, effectively addressed by smart application integration.

Read the Delivering Great Customer Experience Case Study and learn:

  • How a fast-growing B2C seller of quality technology devices could transition to multiple cloud-based solutions, whereby replacing the old ones, fast and painless
  • About a B2B wholesaler of industrial lubricants and adhesives who could reduce operating costs and increase efficiency by integrating its own and its partners’ ERP systems
  • How an Italian B2B wholesaler of high quality fabrics could provide great customer experience by connecting their new cloud CRM solution with on-premises ERP, online shop and logistics
Great Customer Experience through Application Integration


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