Implementing a robust 360° customer view for highly targeted marketing campaigns enabled us to share data in realtime and across multiple systems based on low-code integrations. The time spent for a single integration decreases while the ability to build new integrations in a short time grows exponentially.Christian Droege, Senior Software Architect at Krombacher

Krombacher is one of the largest privately owned breweries in Germany and has ranked in top 3 among Germany’s best-selling beers for the last several years. Its recognition and market presence is supported by its multiple online portals and its business model, offering a wide range of products to not only end consumers but also corporate customers.

Within the scope of the digital transformation initiative to build a robust 360° customer view, Krombacher wants to streamline their marketing messaging across all products and channels to ensure that their customers can fully benefit from loyalty programs and receive personalized suggestions about complementary products that might be of most interest to them.

Read the "Implementing a Robust 360° Customer View" Case Study and learn:

  • How it was possible migrate the existing customer base from one system to Salesforce and Exponea without the need to have a heavy switch-over
  • How a complex piece of integration architecture that enables rapid, event-driven data synchronization between multiple systems was built and maintained by just two people
  • Why the solution built by Krombacher IT team made it easier to implement not only the 360° customer view strategy, but also extended GDPR requirements
Implementing a robust 360° customer view for highly targeted marketing campaigns


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