Plans to suit any integration scenario

from small to enterprise-wide integration projects or building integration marketplaces


  • All connectors ?All connectors for common and enterprise-grade business applications, e.g. Netsuite, Salesforce, SAP ECC, etc.
  • Software developer kit ?SDKs and documentation to create custom connectors in Node.js and Java.
  • On-premises integration agent ?Integration agent to securely connect on-premises applications behind the firewall.
  • Integration marketplace ?Feature set allowing you to offer flow 'recipes' and automate their deployment and configuration from 3rd party websites or platforms .
  • Developer workspaces ?An integration workspace for development and testing only, flows auto-stop after 4 hour.
  • Production workspaces ?An integration workspace for integration flows in production, unrestricted number of flows and users per production workspace based on fair use policy.
  • Real-time flows ?These are integration flows that are always on, syncing any data changes as they happen.
  • Multi-tenancy ?For OEM customers Gives the ability to provide and manage individual subscriptions/tenants for end-customers.
  • OEM ? iPaaS platform embedded in SaaS applications, individual packaging, and product customization.
  • Rebranding ?The iPaaS can be rebranded to match the corporate identity of the OEM customer, including documentation and support materials.
  • Support reaction time (hours)
  • Support channel
  • Support availability ?Support is generally available only during the hours 9:00 – 17:00 CET.
  • Onboarding ?A personal walkthrough on the iPaaS platform and introduction to supporting resources.
  • Training ?One-day training with bespoke curriculum.
  • Professional services (man/day) ?'s Professional Services team can create individual connectors and integration flows.

On request

  • Custom
  • E/C/P?Email, chat, phone
  • DE Office Hrs
  • Included
  • 950 €

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Monthly price, billed quarterly

  • Users ?Maximum number of unique Users.
  • Integration flows ?An integration flow joins 2 or more applications, is composed of 2 or more connectors or components, and fulfils a business task e.g. synchronise contacts between CRM and CDP
  • Resource quota ?Quota is measured in GB RAM Hrs mean over a calendar month. Quota is consumed by executions of components and connectors (kubernetes pods) on the platform.
  • Fair use quota policy ?The fair use policy means that we will only require you to upgrade quota if you exceed your quota in subsequent months.
  • Contracts ?Our platform's multi-tenant architecture has the heirarchy Tenant/Contract/Workspace. Normally, a subscription gives access to a Contract with at least 1 workspace attached.
  • Production Workspaces ?Workspaces serve as ways to organise both integrations and users - like a folder - flows in Prod workspaces run as configured without interruption.
  • Development workspaces? Flows in Dev workspaces are stopped after 8 hrs making them suitable for D/T/UAT, but not Prod.
  • Support channel
  • Application support ?Support is generally available only during the hours 9:00 – 17:00 CET. Users requiring application support (assistance in using the platform) are prioritised according to their subscription. We make no promises for Self-service subscriptions.
  • Onboarding ?Customer success provide a consultation to assist in platform use and also intergation strategy.
  • Training ?Half-day customized training. Content can be selected from 'Platform best pratices', 'Flow Design', and 'Component creation'.
  • Professional services (man/day) ?'s Professional Services team can create individual connectors and integration flows for you.

  • Increase resource quota
  • Additional contracts
  • Additional Prod workspaces
  • Enhanced support
  • Embedded integrations - Credentials 
  • Embedded Integrations - Mapping










  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 2.5 GB Hr
  • 1
  • 1
  • Unlimited
  • E-mail + In-platform
  • Office Hrs (12 hr response)?German Business Hours
  • 650 €
  • 950 €
  • Try it free

  • Price is declared without VAT and will be invoiced based on actual legally valid and applicable VAT rules.
  • Free trial, no credit card required.
  • Fair use policy on all Enterprise plans. Check the FAQ section for more details.

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...because they have a peace of mind that not only unburdens their IT teams but also ensures their data is secure in transit and at rest

elasticio is ISO-27001 certified

Standard Features

These are all the standard features which are included in every pricing plan

  • SDKs, documentation and samples

    SDKs for node.js and Java are available, more are coming soon. Documentation and samples to support your development.

  • Unlimited component repositories

    Create and use as many component repositories for your integration components as you require.

  • Integration flows

    Design and run as many integration flows as you want, as many integration flows as you need.

  • Unlimited data records

    We don't count your data records. We measure how much system run time memory (GB/hours) your flows use.

  • Graphical integration designer

    Browser-based, easy-to-use graphical integration designer allows you to visually build integration flows, map the arrays and much more.

  • Centralised credential management

    Manage multiple development / stage / production system credentials in one place and switch them with ease.

  • 24/7 monitoring, logging and tracking

    Web-based graphical monitoring dashboard with real-time task execution logs and error tracking, and much more.

  • Step-by-step executions

    Design and execute each individual step of your integration flow before running the whole integration.

Integration components

Production license for all pre-defined integration components

Plans: pre-defined Integration components
  • Component templates to choose from

    Build your own API component from scratch using the programming language of your choice or use one of our 100+ existing component templates.

  • Popular APIs are supported

    Major ERPs like SAP ByDesign and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Numerous components for eCommerce and Finance are also supported.

  • Service-based components

    Service-based components like Webhook, different types of databases as well as Amazon SNS and many others are ready to be used and extended to suit your needs.

Pricing FAQ

Here are frequently asked question about plans and pricing.

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