Plans to suit any integration scenario from small to enterprise-wide integration projects

    • Lean

      499 mo
      • Runs on Multi-tenant instance
      • Unlimited component repositories, integration flows and data records
      • SDKs, documentation and samples
      • 24/7 monitoring and tracking
      • All updates and upgrades
      • More on Standard Features
      • E-mail Support
      • 1GB RAM Memory
      • €0.15 Extra GB/hour
    • Professional

      999 mo
      • Runs on Multi-tenant instance
      • All Standard Features
      • Production license for all pre-defined integration components.
      • Event alerting
      • 'Organizations' support
      • E-mail Support
      • 2GB RAM Memory
      • €0.10 Extra GB/hour
    • Enterprise

      1899 mo
      • Runs on Multi-tenant instance
      • All Professional Features
      • Enterprise-grade SLA
      • Local agent
      • API access
      • Lifecycle management
      • Realtime Flows
      • E-mail and Phone Support
      • 6GB RAM Memory
      • €0.07 Extra GB/hour
    • Dedicated

      • Runs on Dedicated instance
      • All Enterprise Features
      • Custom branding / White labelling
      • Tenant management, Single-sign-on (SAML)
      • Dedicated engineering support
      • On-premise installation (available)
      • OEM license (available)
  • Billed annually. Price is declared without VAT and will be invoiced based on actual legally valid and applicable VAT rules.
  • Check the FAQ section for more details.

Standard Features

These are all the standard features which are included in every pricing plan

  • Connector.

    SDKs, documentation and samples

    SDKs for node.js and Java are available, more are coming soon. Documentation and samples to support your development.

  • Connector.

    Unlimited component repositories

    Create and use as many component repositories for your integration components as you require.

  • Connector.

    Unlimited integration flows

    Design and run as many integration flows as you want, as many integration flows as you need.

  • Connector.

    Unlimited data records

    We don’t count your data records. We measure how much system run time memory (GB/hours) your flows use.

  • Connector.

    Graphical integration designer

    Browser-based, easy-to-use graphical integration designer allows you to visually build integration flows, map the arrays and much more.

  • Connector.

    Centralised credential management

    Manage multiple development / stage / production system credentials in one place and switch them with ease.

  • Connector.

    24/7 monitoring, logging and tracking

    Web-based graphical monitoring dashboard with real-time task execution logs and error tracking, and much more.

  • Connector.

    Step-by-step executions

    Design and execute each individual step of your integration flow before running the whole integration.

Integration components

Production license for all pre-defined integration components

  • Connector.

    Component templates to choose from

    Build your own API component from scratch using the programming language of your choice or use one of our 50+ existing component templates.

  • Connector.

    Popular APIs are supported

    Major ERPs like SAP ByDesign and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Numerous components for eCommerce and Finance are also supported.

  • Connector.

    Service-based components

    Service-based components like Webhook, different types of databases as well as Amazon SNS and many others are ready to be used and extended to suit your needs.

Plans: pre-defined Integration components

Pricing FAQ

Here are frquently asked question about plans and pricing.

Yes, you can try before you buy. Please use the Contact Sales form to send your contact details together with your use-case description. We usually reply within the same day or latest by next working day.
List of all available components specifically build to run on platform is currently located at this address.
Yes, you definitely can. It can be done fast and easy, you can see this youtube video and check this documentation page. Once done with it just get in touch with us and we’ll give you an access to the platform.
GB/hour – Gigabyte RAM per Hour where GB is ammount of random access memory (RAM) your integration process needs. We use it to calculate allocated resources for your integration flow.

For example : your integration process consumes 2 GB of memory (RAM) and it is started every hour and it needs 5 minutes to complete the job. Total execution time per day will be 120 minutes = 2 Hours, therefore, it will consume 4 GB/hour per day.

TLDR: it depends many circumstances.

For example: batch sync that polls for new data every 3 minutes will consume ~50 Gb/hour in Month, meaning that in your 1 GB of available RAM you can fit 15 such integration flows (755 hours in month divided by 50 Gb/hour).

This number is influenced by number of steps in the flow, how frequently you poll for data (or may be it’s a hook, so no polling is required) and if it’s a realtime flow or not. is a elastically scalable integration infrastructure, so can temporarily use more RAM than included in your plan.

We will measure at millisecond precision how long you use how many megabytes of RAM and summarize your usage on the month-to-month basis.

For example : if you need to start integration that consumes 16 GB or RAM and you are on professional plan, you won’t be charged additionally as long as the total time your integration is active does not exceed 93 hours = (2 GB * 31 day * 24 hours per day) / 16 GB. Every additional hour your integration is active and consuming 16 GB your will be charged according to the price in your plan (e.g. for Professional Plan it’s €0.10 per extra GB/hour).

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