Building a powerful UC product with a presence bot

"For us, it’s about adding value proposition to our products and gaining a significant competitive advantage through this. For our customers, it’s about getting a broad range of functionality in one and the same system, which helps them save time and speed up many business processes."Martin Olexik, Product Owner at IPEX

IPEX is an award-winning Czech telecommunication company with a range of unified communications products for businesses of all sizes. The company’s mission is to provide better collaboration and interconnection of previously separate forms of communication in a single user environment.

IPEX wants to provide a better integrated communication within its main product Communicator with various CRM systems and enhance the integration capabilities of its Presence Bot function. For these projects, IPEX selects the white-labeled integration solution.

Read the Integrated Communication Case Study and learn:

  • What systems IPEX decided to connect in order to deliver a higher value proposition to its partners (and what role a Bot plays in this scenario)
  • What was IPEX's major requirement that the third-party integration tool they were looking for had to fulfil
  • How with the's iPaaS, IPEX can reduce development time by at least 30%-40%


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