Building ready-to-use, one-click accounting integration solutions

“If it were not for, some integration solutions would either have never taken place or not so quickly."Hannah Lindstedt, Regional Manager DACH Debitoor

Debitoor is a Germany-based young company that offers an easy-to-use invoicing and accounting software for small businesses and freelancers.

Following the requests from their users, Debitoor decided to add an accounting integration layer. In other words, the company wanted to transform their accounting solution into a fully integrated accounting system to support a seamless integration with other popular cloud-based solutions like Dropbox or MailChimp.

Therefore, was asked to help the Debitoor IT team scale integrations with other software solutions faster.

Read the accounting integration Case Study and learn:

  • Why Debitoor decided not to tackle this integration project on their own but rather seek the iPaaS provider.
  • How Debitoor was able to extend its business profile with an attractive offer for its customers thanks to the's solution.
  • What were the benefits for Debitoor of choosing the integration solution over in-house integration.

DIY Integration Marketplace as a Cure Against Shadow IT


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