B2B Integration

A single platform to connect APIs and business applications via traditional B2B protocols and standards such as EDI or XML

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b2b integration

Use the modern integration framework to share data between legacy and cloud IT systems across organizations

Low-code configuration

The intuitive user interface empowers even business users to take B2B integration into their own hands


Helps you get done with the integration projects up to 10 times faster than integrating on your own

100+ connectors

Our purpose-built connectors for mainstream business applications as well as connectors for B2B communications, such as EDI, LDAP or CSV help you minimize the time, costs and developmental efforts.

Hybrid deployment

The elastic.io hybrid integration platform ensures interactive data exchange to suit any B2B integration scenario – between databases, APIs and applications, both in the cloud and on-premise, across departments, organizations and companies.

Expose api

Following the easy setup steps, you can seamlessly mash up multiple APIs to create your own new products and services.


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Hybrid Integration

Even when you need to connect to the cloud, make sure that the actual data never leaves on-premises.

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Build new products and services by easily creating all kinds of API mashups.

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