Full-service integration hub for eCommerce software

"Having the elastic.io platform as part of our solution allows us to focus all our time on adding value for our clients, and not on building and maintaining the underlying services."Ben Burch, CEO and Founder of Infinite Codeworks

Infinite Codeworks, based in the UK, delivers a wide range of integration and technology solutions, primarily focusing on small and medium-sized eCommerce and online businesses. The company was founded in 2010 and has a solid reputation in the UK, not least due to their business-oriented approach to problem solving.

Infinite Codeworks realizes that the majority of their customers shares a core business logic. However, because of the point-to-point nature of integrations, it was impossible to reuse already delivered code for building a similar solution for next clients. So, Infinite Codeworks decides they need an underlying integration layer, on top of which they would create a series of integration templates, mapping common business logic.

Read the complete Interview and learn:

  • What allows Infinite Codeworks now to build new connectors faster by a factor of 10
  • How the system integrator intended to build an integration layer on their own and why they changed their minds, going for elastic.io iPaaS
  • How come that their customized integrations can now be offered for the price of “off the shelf” solutions


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