Mobile Integration

Empower the creation of digital services by connecting mobile apps with any kind of back-end business applications faster and with less hustle

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Reduce time spent on integration efforts by up to 80 % with the 100+ pre-built connectors for mainstream business applications


The connector-based approach allows to easily swap applications without having to rebuild the integrations from the ground up

Low-code configuration

Make APIs from different sources work together, adding more capabilities without spending much time on custom coding

100+ connectors

Our purpose-built connectors for mainstream business applications as well as general-purpose connectors for integration via standard protocols such as REST, SOAP or ODATA help you minimize costs and developmental efforts for mobile integration.

Hybrid deployment

The hybrid integration platform ensures interactive data exchange between your mobile apps and back-end systems, regardless of their geographical or physical locations.

Expose api

Following the easy setup steps, you can seamlessly mash up multiple APIs to create your own new products and digital services, and get the most of your customer-facing mobile apps.


Common areas of application for iPaaS

Datasheet Common areas of application for iPaaS

Building a powerful unified communications product with a presence bot

Case study Building a communications tool with a chatbot

iPaaS Implementation: Thou Shalt Not Reinvent the Wheel

Generic Datasheet How to use iPaaS for API integration

Mobile Integration: Related Topics

Cloud Integration

Connect disparate SaaS applications to share and sync data between them automatically and in the fraction of time.

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API Integration

Build new products and services by easily creating all kinds of API mashups.

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B2B Integration

A single platform to connect APIs and business applications via traditional B2B protocols and standards such as EDI or XML.

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