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With the elastic.io iPaaS, communications service providers (CSPs) can aggregate their own products and services with those of their partners like Broadsoft or AppDirect, to build complete, fully integrated solutions.

At elastic.io, we break data silos and push the cloud boundaries every day. Dozens of high-growth e-commerce, telecoms and SaaS businesses use our integration platform to solve their end-users’ integration problems.

elastic.io is backed by a highly experienced team of business angels with a strong entrepreneurial background. We are a small but fast growing team that tackles big problems.

9 reasons to start your elastic.io career

  • Forefront technology

  • Open culture

  • Excellent coffee

  • Exciting projects

  • Continuous learning

  • Hands-on experience

  • Dynamic team

  • Career growth

  • Central location


A company is only as strong as the team that stands behind and runs it. elastic.io is not another faceless entity but above all a team of highly skilled specialists with different cultural backgrounds and unique skill-sets. If you are interested in working here with us, have a look at our current elastic.io career opportunities.

Sorry, no open positions at the moment.


Built upon such technology as RabbitMQ and Apache Mesos, elastic.io has 100 percent multi-tenant architecture with complete isolation of resources

Elastically scalable

elastic.io iPaaS is built with microservices using the Docker technology, which makes it scalable at will both vertically and horizontally


elastic.io integration middleware is cloud-based by nature, but it can be also partially or completely deployed on-premise on any virtualisation platform