Case-Study: Enables for Apora Creation of Self-Service Integration Marketplace on Top of White-Labeled iPaaS

“Now we have one infrastructure for all integrations. This reduces time for our developers as well as customers, and we we can meet their integration requirements and deliver the projects considerably faster.”Bharath Kumar, CoFounder & Director at Apora Technologies

Apora is a system integrator with offices in Netherlands and India. Apora specializes in the implementation and integration of Zoho CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, Google Apps and other SaaS business apps. Apora recognized a new market opportunity for supporting SMBs adoption of Cloud and SaaS with industrialized integration solutions. To address this new opportunity, Apora decides to scale its experience and knowledge in the systems integration with a new entity called Aplynk that would provide self-service integration to its end customers, partners and software vendors.

Read the complete Case Study and learn:

  • What was the most important requirement that made Apora look for a white-labelled iPaaS.
  • How Apora implemented the white-labelled integration platform for their integration marketplace.
  • How with the’s iPaaS, Apora was able to reduce the overall time spent on integration projects by 80%.


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