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Our usual Feature Alerts are almost exclusively about new or improved features and functionalities of the elastic.io platform. Yet integration components are what makes any integration platform as a service a true magic wand in the hands of integrators.

That is why we decided to dedicate one complete Feature Alert to new and updated integration components only. Below you will find all the integration components and their updates that we released in August and September 2017.

New Integration Components released



Integration component PipedriveThis component is there for you to create what the Pipedrive application is known for – deals, among other things. For one, you can connect your web forms with your Pipedrive via this connector, so that all new leads from the website land automatically in your CRM.


No triggers at the moment.

No triggers at the moment.


createDeal, createActivity, createNote, createOrganisation, createPerson: Automatically create a deal, a activity, a note for the deal, an organisation, and a contact correspondingly.

Wonder how to use this component on the elastic.io integration platform? Check this GitHub article for details.


AWS Lambda

Integration component AWS LambdaYou can use this component to invoke an AWS Lambda function.


No trigger yet.


INVOKE: Supports returning JSON value as result.

Learn about other specifics of this component in our GitHub documentation.


JSONata transform

Integration component JSONata transformJSONata transform is a dedicated data transformation component for elastic.io platform based on JSONata.


No triggers yet.


TRANSFORM: Takes the incoming message body and applies the configured JSONata tranformation on it. It uses the fact that JSONata expression is a superset of JSON.

Find a few examples of how to use the elastic.io JSONata transform component in this GitHub article. If you missed our previous newsletter and don’t know what we meant by JSONata, you can have a look at the dedicated page in our Documentation.



Integration component SOAPThis component is there for you to dynamically call arbitrary SOAP/WebServices.


No trigger yet.


CALL: Calling SOAP services

If you want to learn how to use the SOAP component with elastic.io, visit the component’s GitHub page.


Edifact Parser

Integration component Edifact ParserThis component reads incoming attachments and parses them using EDI parser.


No trigger yet.


PARSE: Parses EDI attachments.

Some more details about the Edifact Parser component can be found on this page in GitHub.

Updated Integration Components



Integration component SugarCRMAs the name of this integration component suggests, it helps you to connect your Sugar with another application of your choice, or the other way round.

Component’s update:

  1. General improvements of the existing integration component for Sugar
  2. Now you can write to, read from and update any object accessible via the Sugar API

Learn about the specifications of this integration component in our GitHub documentation.



Integration component ShopwareSimilar to the previous component, this one allows you to connect your business applications to your Shopware-based online shop.

Component’s update:

  1. General improvements of the existing integration component for Shopware
  2. Now the list of actions includes Query Articles (which is the same as Products – a matter of English-German terminology)

Find more details about the Shopware integration component in our elastic.io documentation.



Integration component MSSQLThis is simply an integration component for Microsoft SQL Server to be used with the elastic.io integration platform.

Component’s update:

Now you can use JSONata templates for MSSQL queries

Learn more about the MS SQL component.

What to expect in the coming weeks:

In addition to extending our components list, we continue working on improving the so called Local Agent – the part of the elastic.io iPaaS that allows tying together multiple SaaS products with on-premise systems and databases. The first release of the updated Local Agent is expected next week already!

Additionally, we are working on the internationalization (now try to say this word aloud and fast!) of the elastic.io interface. Soon there will be no more “English-only”.

Last but least there are going to be some more cool integration components. But more on this later.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter!

In the meantime, why don’t you check out some of the new Integration Components;-)

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