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Data driven insights build communities

I think many of you would agree that the world is in a somewhat precarious situation at the moment. A long period of polarization preceded the current conflict in Ukraine that personally touches many of us. Maybe this is a good time to reflect on initiatives that bring people together and how data-driven insights and connection help us.

Integrating (applications, platforms, data) is what we do at elastic.io, but maybe it’s better to think of it as connecting? Here we take a brief look at some of our customers and how they use the connections we provide to help people connect in person.

The Alliance Fastpitch – Connecting performance statistics with players via data-driven insights

Source: The Alliance Fastpitch

Women’s fastpitch softball is a highly competitive ball sport where pitchers can send the ball towards batters at speeds of up to 125 km/h. A pitcher’s ability to generate speed, deviation in the air, and variation of pitches greatly depends on their physical conditioning and minute variations in their hand position at the moment of release.

The Alliance Fastpitch was formed in 2020 to unite the regional fastpitch communities in a USA-wide player-centric organization focused on increasing competitiveness. In just the two years since it was founded, the Alliance Fastpitch has formed a key resource for players and coaches alike by providing comprehensive statistics at the level of leagues, team, and individual players.

Sports technology is one of the fastest growing industries. Whether it’s taking reps in a batting cage, running through drills at camps or clinics, or capturing in-game statistics, today’s softball coaches and athletes expect to see their metrics at every level of the game. The Alliance Fastpitch has partnered with elastic.io, and is using their product as our conduit to bring all that data to one central location.

– Jon Hazlett, Director of Technology at The Alliance Fastpitch

The Alliance Fastpitch is using elastic.io to connect their platform and players with team and player performance statistics. While data-driven insights is not the only way the Alliance brings the fastpitch community together, it is a great way to continuously engage both players, coaches, and fans by giving them new ways to quantify and compare performance data – increasing engagement and in turn attendance.

Check out how the Alliance Fastpitch is helping players achieve their dreams.

Virtuagym – Driving the convergence of the physical and digital worlds in health and fitness

Source: Virtuagym

Based in Amsterdam, Virtuagym is a global provider of fitness software for coaching, engagement and management, working with over 9,000 fitness businesses and 45,000 trainers worldwide. With an ambition to make the world a healthier place by creating exciting new technologies for the health and fitness industry and corporate wellness, Virtuagym’s All-In-One solution offers a complete integrated ecosystem.

This ranges from an exercise and nutrition coaching platform, to engagement solutions (such as community features and live workout videos) to fitness management software dealing with areas such as payment, scheduling, coaching and member management. Examples of customers include Workout Anytime, Holmes Place and YMCA.

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed how people engaged with their health and accelerated many exciting digital innovations. Virtuagym is continuing to help fitness businesses of all shapes and sizes to better use these technologies and trends, such as via integrated mobile apps, to provide personalized hybrid, offline and online solutions that enhance membership engagement and motivation and improve management efficiency.

Virtuagym utilizes elastic.io to bring together multiple client systems with their services and user data. The derived data-driven insights are used to engineer engagement amongst fitness classes and gym members. The use of mobile apps and other digital solutions are designed to supplement, not replace, physical fitness. The intelligent use of securely gathered member data is vital for delivering personalised fitness offerings and more streamlined processes to help fitness and health businesses grow.

If you operate a gym or sports club and want to automate your processes, add client services, or utilize intelligent incentives, Virtuagym could be a great partner for you. Check them out!

Creating data-driven insights is hard without applications, systems and platforms being connected to each other. elastic.io can help you achieve that faster and with minimal development resources – just like it did for Krombacher and its 360° customer view strategy.

Allegr – Creating and nurturing human connection in this digital age

Source: Allegr

A social enterprise that has recently launched in the UK, Allegr’s goal is to connect people and assist them in creating positive in-person experiences via a peer-to-peer network connected through technology.

Put simply, doing stuff….sometimes challenging stuff…together as a community has been shown to help people suffering from mental health issues, even veterans suffering severe PTSD. Allegr builds community and presents content, events and communications tailored to each of its communities through its Better Together app platform.

Allegr encourages people back to shared experience and purpose through basic human connection, because we know we are simply Better Together.

Allegr is all about creating and nurturing human connection, but in this digital age that is simply impossible without bringing systems and data-driven insights together. Strong communities thrive where people are connected – real connection is what happens when people communicate and share their experiences. We see technology as a way to facilitate that.

– Ben Burch, Cofounder

So, what is the connection to elastic.io? Allegr is the brainchild of Ben, the elastic.io Customer Success Manager, who regularly runs 100 KM as part of Allegr events.

Check Allegr out, lend your support, or tell someone who might benefit.

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