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You might have heard that is ceasing operations from its business products as a consequence of a partnership opportunity. As they announced in May 2022, they will focus on developing a new product together with Notion.

What was used for?

If you don’t remember what exactly is about, it’s a platform where the user can create easy-built automation between two or more apps connected by triggers and actions without requiring IT support.

In this article, you will find alternatives that might help you to switch or find trusted businesses with similar products. Therefore, let’s highlight those iPaaS’ that offer similar  products to

If you are a SaaS provider who is looking for data integration, workflow automation, and reducing the need for creating complex coding within the company’s data infrastructure, this article will be of your interest.

automate-io-discontinued is ceasing operations on Oct, 2022

The top Alternatives based on Products offered to SaaS vendors


Zapier Products and Features

Zapier is a no-code-based automation platform that generates repetitive tasks and workflow automation with two or more apps connected. In addition, it allows the user to control how and when the apps will interact with each other by setting specific rules.

Zapier Pros

  • When it comes to having features and integrations available and ready to use for the users, Zapier has a larger selection list.
  • Compared with, Zapier gives a better service for those users with the free version.

Zapier Cons

  • Even though Zapier is a large platform with an extensive list of applications, you must be ready to pay a high price for it.
  • When it comes to building complex workflows, it also faces limitations in customizing the tasks.
Zapier tasks screenshot taken on Sep 26, 2022
Zapier tasks screenshot taken on Sep 26, 2022


Although Zapier has more than 3,000 integrations available compared with the 200 that has, customer support is not one of the good things to address. Based on reviews from, users who have worked with the platform feel they are getting the needed information to increase their learning curve and to use all the potential the platform has to offer. Products and Features

This platform called itself a low-code integration tool for medium or large companies that provides sophisticated routing, transformation, logic, and data manipulation features. apps and services are getting close to 100 in total. Being said so, the number of connectors added is constantly increasing over this year. workflow screenshot taken on Sep 26, 2022 workflow screenshot taken on Sep 26, 2022 Pros

  • It allows business to increase their scalability when required.
  • Employ on-premises applications by using a secure VPN connection.
  • Reduce the time spent on customizing codes. Cons

  • This product still requires technical knowledge to interact with the platform.
  • The prices are lofty, compared with
  • It needs an improved version of the training and onboarding process


Even though offers a more technical environment than, their products target larger companies who have a technical team handling complex systems and are in need of getting support from a third-party integration platform. With this approach, the users will be more tech-savvy oriented which reduces the gap between the value recognition of the platform and the required IT knowledge to build effective customizing workflows.


Workato Products and Features

As, Workato is mainly targeting enterprises with the need for workflow automation built by IT and business users across the entire organization.

workato platform screenshot taken on Sep 26, 2022
Workato platform screenshot taken on Sep 26, 2022

It comes with other key features such as enterprise chatbot implementation and robotic automation support. In addition to that, they have over 2,000 pre-built community recipes (pre-built workflows) to capture and reuse business processes. Nonetheless, we were deep diving into Workato pricing information and we have found some discrepancies in the value offered regarding the number of applications that they have available.

Workato Pros

  • All plans offer many pre-built applications with no limitations.
  • Chatbots accelerate the communication process by messaging channels like Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • Reliable use of pre-built recipes.

Workato Cons

  • No customized service for individuals or small businesses.
  • Costs can shoot up pretty fast as many more flows are created.
  • The usability of the platform can be tricky when adding files.


Although Workato has a similar offering to, their platform is less user-friendly which can the affect how users build and understand workflows. However, Workato have proved that has an ingenious way to connect several applications without having deep IT specialized knowledge.

Key takeaways was a good option, mainly, for small to medium businesses looking for a no-code platform to create workflows with no IT technical knowledge. However, medium to large SaaS companies who are scaling their business will require the option of customizing their integrations without having to invest in large IT resources.

The alternative companies mentioned above offer similar IT solutions. However, Zapier and Workato will be costly on a long-term basis, and offer limited customized integrations. tries to keep a balance between ready-to-use connectors and development tools to quickly design modular flow architecture, write customised integration rules, and add complementary code fragments as needed.

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