Feature alert March-April 2017 – Content Enrichment with Pass-Through Feature

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It’s been a while since we last issued a Feature Alert, and for a good reason. We have been working on a beautiful new feature that we actually announced quite some time ago. In addition to that, we continued tweaking the design of our Integration Flow Designer (no pun intended), so that its interface can support the realisation of another awesome feature that is coming very soon.

Last but not least, we issued a special Migration Guide for those of you who cannot wait to move from the older version of our Integration API to the newest version #2.

New Feature: Pass-Through for Content Enrichment

When you think of how data exchange works in an integration flow, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a linear flow of data. Each next step in the integration gets the data from the previous one, “processes” it and passes on to the next step.

But what if your next component wants metadata not from the previous step, but from the step before it? Or maybe both, so that you can aggregate it in the next step?

The new feature that we call “Pass-Through” makes it now possible to map data between non-adjacent steps. Thanks to this, the Pass-Through feature can be ideally used for content enrichment purposes.

But let’s have a look at this short demo video to find out what Pass-Through is and what its potential implementation is:

Integration Flow Designer Updates

Surely, we have already written about our new designer. So, you might have asked yourself, why write about it again? Well, our integration designer is still evolving, especially now that it needs to support some new features that are coming very soon. And thus, the major update the Integration Flow designer, besides the fact that that it is now out of beta, is that its interface has got a little upgrade. As you see on the picture below, a component configuration now happens in a separate tab in the center. (Yes, we now, in the video above it is still on the left, but we simply cannot help the speed of our developers;-) )

Integration Designer Updates

Another handy update of the designer allows now to add a step in the middle of an integration flow. Previously, you would have to delete all steps from the end up until the place where you would want to place that additional step. Now you can insert it where you need it just by clicking on the “+” sign. (see the picture above)

The new integration designer includes now all the features that the old designer had, including versioning and logging data. Moreover, the new designer makes it impossible not to use the Step-by-Step feature. This means that the mapping will be done on the basis of the real data sample from the steps before.

Since the new designer is now on par with the old designers, the old one will soon be deprecated.

Migration to the API v2

Another quick but important update is about our elastic.io Integration API Version 2. It is now mature enough to be fully migrated onto:

Integration API

Therefore, we issued a special Migration Guide on how to move from the elastic.io Integration API v1 to the v2.

What to expect in the coming weeks

In the coming weeks, we are going to introduce a new super feature that will enable forking of integration flows. In other words, you will be able to push same data from one connector to several connectors simultaneously – and this will be just the beginning, we promise!

Stay tuned for more info.

In the meantime, why don’t you check out the new Pass-Through feature yourself;-)

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