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The WHINT Webhook JSON Connector is a solution of Whitepaper InterfaceDesign that enables you to push data via an ABAP structure to a Webhook using JSON. In this blog article we’ll show you how you can integrate any SAP ABAP system with MailChimp through in order to add subscribers from your SAP CRM system to your MailChimp E-Mail distribution list.

Our Partner is an IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), a cloud connectivity solution to enable business integration between on-premise and on-demand applications. The platform is hosted in Germany´s most secure cloud environment and fulfills highest security standards.

MailChimp is a cloud solution to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns.

Whitepaper InterfaceDesign provides professional services and software solutions around SAP integration solution and cloud connectivity. We are a SAP Application Development Partner since 2014.

SAP Integration Solution

Step-by-step guide: Prerequisites

  1. Install the add-on into your SAP ABAP system
  2. Create an account at
  3. Create an account at MailChimp
  • No additional middleware needed (!)

Configure MailChimp

  • Create a list

Configure (1)

  • Add new flow
  • Save Webhook URL

Configure SAP

  • Configure the connectivity
  • Select the data structure to be sent
  • Retrieve the JSON structure by invoking the WHINT WJC (Webhook JSON Connector)

Transaction SM59: Create an RFC destination (HTTP) and select SSL

Transaction STRUST: Load the SSL certificates (CAs) needed for the HTTPS connection

Transaction SE11: Select or create a DDIC structure to pass the information to MailChimp

Transaction SE38: Create program that invokes the WHINT WJC and run:

Configure (2)

  • Insert JSON String into Webhook sample
  • Define field mapping
  • Connect your MailChimp account

Start the flow!

Monitoring & Results

  • SAP
  • MailChimp

Monitoring on

Verify result in MailChimp:

This article was originally posted on Whitepaper InterfaceDesign blog here.

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