Improving Your Time to Market Through Smarter Integration [Webinar]

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Digitization, popularity of agile and DevOps, wide adoption of cloud application and systems – all this led to both small and large businesses now facing highly competitive times. When developing their products and services, moving faster than their competitors and the market in itself is key to survival. Therefore, improving your time to market (TTM) is one of the major requirements for business success and can be a massive competitive advantage for those that do it the right way.

Trouble is, there are so many various tools and strategies that promise to help businesses speed up their time to market that finding the ones that really work, while at the same time ensuring an effective day-to-day production AND continuing with innovative practices, can be too time-consuming and a bit overwhelming for IT.

That is why we arranged a webinar with the CTO of Star2Star Communications, Sergey Galchenko on Friday, October 21 to go through a surefire strategy for improving your time to market.

Star2Star Communications is a recognized visionary in telecommunications industry. When building its innovative UCaaS platform for enterprise communication, speeding up time to market was a decisive competitive differentiator for Star2Star. In this process, Star2Star used a hybrid integration platform as a service for connecting new systems and product innovations with its single, easy-to-use solution remarkably faster compared to own integration efforts.

Join Star2Star’s CTO Sergey Galchenko in this webinar to learn:

  • What strategy Star2Star pursues to address new markets
  • How the company is connecting cloud, enterprise and partner business applications with agility, reduced efforts, and high quality
  • How Star2Star’s IT managed to significantly speed up time to market with an iPaaS, addressing specific requirements like (near) real-time messaging data exchange


At the end of the webinar, we will be giving away 10 free trials of our elasticio hybrid iPaaS for you to get down to improving your time to market as soon as possible.

This is a past event, and registration is no more possible. But you can watch the webinar recording on demand or read the webinar transcript

Watch webinar on demand

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