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Founded by Renat Zubairov and Igor Drobiazko at the beginning of 2013, elastic.io has grown since then into a team with over 70 years of combined experience in software integration. We started with offering an integration widget, moved on to prepackaged one-click integration solutions, until finally, in 2015 our new generation integration platform as a service was born.

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elastic.io’s primary motivation is to support large corporations and mid-size businesses alike in their digital strategy initiatives by helping them spend less time on gathering data together across the entire organization, and instead, have enough time and resources to focus on using this data to improve business operations or to develop new products and services.

A few facts about elastic.io

  • Since 2013, over 6000 users, among which there have been both single users and companies of different sizes, have tried various elastic.io products;
  • Since 2015, we have partnered with such established European companies as T-Systems and ALSO Germany, and continue growing our partner ecosystem;
  • Over the past two years, our new generation integration platform has seen dozens of talented system integrators and software architects, including the ones working at such prominent companies as Samsung, AppDirect and Adidas;
  • In 2016 we have already achieved revenue growth of 700% and a negative revenue churn;
  • In 2017, we have started a two-year German-wide joint project supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology to develop an open-source product that would become an industry standard for application integration at SMEs first in Germany and then across Europe;
  • Since 2017, we are proud to be part of mVISE Holding, a truly visionary German public company with over 15 years of consultancy and project experience in IT.

We are proud to say that elastic.io has established and continues to nurture the culture of openness, transparency, flexibility and immediate support both for our customers and within the company.

Renat Zubairov

CEO & Co-Founder

Igor Drobiazko

CTO & Co-Founder

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Petra Speidel


Yarik Ponomarenko


Roman Bolhov


Pavel Nedelko


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