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Get notifications about you the safety of your Ukrainian colleagues.

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Ukraine Alerts is a connector created to contribute with the information about individuals affected by any threat in real-time, specifically for those that are employed by any company outside Ukraine.

This connector is only for the purpose of sending notifications to companies that have colleagues and partners located in affected Ukrainian regions through the iPaaS platform so they can be aware of their potential unavailability.

About’s Ukraine Alerts integrations connector

The development team created automation for Ukraine Alerts that any business may use and repurpose for free.

Users are just able to use this connector as a trigger to connect with the appropriate action depending on their situation. It can be used, for example, to look up the status of certain regions. Learn more about this connector by clicking the link above.

The Ukraine Alerts integration connector is subject to a proprietary license and cannot be modified or expanded on your own. If you need any additional assistance with your integrations, please get in touch with our pre-sales team at [email protected] to discuss any further support.

NOTE: To use Ukraine Alerts, you’ll need to have an account with iPaaS. If you’re recently joining our platform, please sign up for a free 14-day trial here.

How to add Ukraine Alerts integrations on

As a Trigger:

Step 1:

After you register with, go to your Dashboard or Flows and select “Add new Flow” to connect the Ukraine Alarm on the platform. This connector is used as a trigger, which means it will need to be linked to another component to send the alarm notifications.

Step 2

Because this connector was created for a very specific purpose of notifying business about the current status of their Ukrainian employees, it provides only the “Get alert statuses for chosen Ukrainian regions” function”.

Step 3

After choosing the function, you will be allowed to choose which regions you want to poll in your Ukraine Alarm account. For that, you’ll need to select which of the listed regions you want to get the status from. Please find more information on Ukraine Alarm’s authentication procedure that is available on our documentation page.

Step 4

After that, you can request a sample of the records to ensure that you configured Ukraine Alarm properly, and with that, the trigger configuration is complete. To test how it behaves in an actual business process automation flow, you will need an action as your next step – for example, Slack if you want to send alert notifications to specific Slack users or to a dedicated Slack channel.

To learn more about using this component, visit our dedicated Documentation page using the link above.


Popular Ukraine Alerts integrations scenarios

As we mentioned before, this connector has been created with the purpose of knowing whether or not our team members are safe and secure, meaning that any business can use it as it is at no cost to meet its own needs and enable the entire organization to be informed of the present situation.

Please read below some integrations our users have developed:

Ukraine Alerts and Slack integration

To send message alerts about employees living in affected Ukrainian regions.

Ukraine Alerts and Email integration

To send email notifications about partners and colleagues located in affected Ukrainian regions.


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