Address validation and geocoding without physical software through SmartyStreets integration connector

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SmartyStreets is a US-based company that offers software for address validation and geocoding services. This is extremely important to ensure that each individual physical address in your list is valid before, for example, mail is sent out.

Most of the similar solutions out there require you to install physical software, but not with SmartyStreets. Their solution in 100% SaaS (Service as a software), which means that you can just upload your address lists in your browser and have them verified in minutes.

About SmartyStreets integration connector

This is’s own private connector to work with all other connectors in your integration workflows and it was developed specifically for the platform. It is delivered with the platform by default.

SmartyStreets integration connector currently supports only the action functionality, which means that you can use it to execute a certain event that follows another event. For example, you can verify an international address or look up city, state and ZIP code combinations in US.

Due to the fact that it is under the proprietary license, you cannot change or extend this connector yourself. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact our pre-sales team at ps[at]

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