Shopware 6

Apply ready-to-use plugins and out-of-the-box cutomised tools to quickly create an online store.

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Shopware 6 is a flexible and functional eCommerce platform created for retail operational management, specially for those that have more than one sales channel like social media or Amazon.

The platform can be modified and totally customised with new features or unique designs, therefore, small and medium-sized online businesses can use Shopware 6 to quickly implement a shop based on pre-built features and ready-to-use plugins.

Although Shopware 6 is allowed to use the list of tools and products directly integrated on Shopware, customers can use the iPaaS platform for better and more personalized integration with two or more applications.

About’s Shopware 6 integrations connector

The iPaas platform allows creating workflow automation for businesses in an easy way using any version of Shopware 6.

Since this integration connector is still under development, new functionality will be added on regular basis. For now, it just supports actions, thus you will use them to take appropriate action depending on the situation. It can be used, for example, to look up a single item using a selected field that stands as its special identity. By clicking the link above, you can access the documentation page for the connector to learn more about the possible actions.

You cannot alter or expand the Showare 6 integration connector on your own as it is covered by a proprietary license. Please get in contact with our pre-sales team at [email protected] to go over the specifics if you require any further support for your integrations.

NOTE: To use Shopware 6 with iPaaS, you’ll need to have an account on our platform. If you’ve recently joined, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here.

How to add Shopware 6 integrations on

As an action:

Step 1:

After you register with, go to your Dashboard or Flows and select “Add new Flow” to connect Shopware 6 with your preferred applications on the platform. Shopware 6 is used as an action, which means it comes after another function. Being said so, it should go without saying that you should choose a trigger first; after that, just look at the list of available action connectors and select Shopware 6.

Step 2

We are still adding more functions to this component. For now, you can select the “Make Raw Request” function to make the desired configurations as an action (remember, you’ll also need to connect the suitable connector as a trigger).

Step 3
After choosing the function, you will be allowed to log into your Shopware 6 account. For that, you’ll need to know access to an API Base URI, username and password. Please find more information on the authentication procedure that is available on our documentation page.

Step 4
After verifying your authentication, you can proceed with the flow configuration. For example, after using the ‘Make Raw Request’ function, you can add the respective URL that needs to be used. Also, you can send another requests to this API endpoints using any of the GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE procedures. You’ll find the full list of functions in our support documentation (see the link above).

OUR TIP: Start your test flow with our Simple Trigger connector to get assess to Shopware 6’s action connector settings. Just remember that Simple Trigger doesn’t have any eCommerce-related data items to sync, so that it can’t be used to verify how the Shopware 6 connector receives datasets from other systems. You should link this connector with more compatible platform apps in order to properly explore it.

To learn more about using this component, visit our dedicated Documentation page using the link above.


Popular Shopware 6 integrations scenarios

As we mentioned before, Shopware 6 does by default allows you to use integrations from the Shopware software enabling users to receive a better experience connecting with the partners’ systems.

If you require a more comprehensive integration solution where you can link Shopware 6 with other systems like CRM, research apps, or even content management apps, an iPaaS platform like would be the best option.

Please read below some integrations our users have developed:

Shopware 6 and PayPal integration

To provide strong payment processing features that are versatile.

Shopware 6 and Stripe integration

To enable mobile and web-based stores to accept payments directly from a big list of countries and businesses.

Shopware 6 and Google Shopping integration

To have the option to move your products from the product comparison website Google Shopping to your Google Merchant Account.

Hey, there are more apps to connect!

Check out what other connectors you can integrate with this eCommerce platform to deliver a more efficient service to your clients and team members. Get a free 14-day demo right away with no limited conditions.