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Qualtrics is a strong CXM solution that enables users to create, distribute, and evaluate surveys by using a single, practical online location.

This powerful web based software allows small, medium or large companies manage the experience of their clients by using advanced surveying features like multichannel communication, facilitated management of respondents, and secure data processing. In comparison with SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics might be costly but consequently, it offers a bigger amount of features than the alternative.

Although, Qualtrics offers more than 100 technology native integrations and pre-built, expert-designed programs with more than 300 partners, users take the advantage of using elastic.io for a deeper and more customized integration with two or more applications.

About elastic.io’s Qualtrics integrations connector

This is a proprietary connector to facilitate the creation of business workflow automations that involve Qualtrics’ any version, even the free one. It was developed specifically for the elastic.io platform to use in the integration flows, and it comes with it by default.

The Qualtrics integration connector supports both triggers and actions. This means that you can use it either to initiate or to act upon a certain event. For example, using it as a trigger, you can retrieve every item that has been modified or created during a specific period of time.

If you use it as an action, you can create, modify or delete Qualtrics objects that are new or are coming from the record found like contacts, companies, etc. You can find further information about available triggers and actions on the connector’s documentation page, following the link above.

As this connector is under this integration connector’s proprietary license, you cannot change or extend the Qualtrics integration connector yourself. If you need certain additional triggers and / or actions for your integrations, please contact our pre-sales team at [email protected] first to discuss more details.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to have an account on the elastic.io integration platform in order to use the Qualtrics integration connector in your project. If you’re new to elastic.io you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here.

How to add Qualtrics integrations on elastic.io

As a trigger

Step 1

Once you have created an account on the elastic.io platform, navigate to the sections Dashboard or Flows, click on the button “Add new Flow” and either scroll down to the bottom or use the search bar to find the Qualtrics connector.


qualtrics integration

Step 2

The Qualtrics connector triggers are still in development; currently, it provides the function “Get New and Updated Objects” that polls for updated data objects such as contacts within a given time range.

Qualtrics component step 2


Step 3

Following authorisation, you’ll be navigated to further configure the Qualtrics connector as a trigger by selecting which data objects you want to poll (e.g. contacts) and optionally setting a start date and time from which the polling should occur.

Step 4

After that, you can request a sample of the records to ensure that you configured Qualtrics properly, and with that, the trigger configuration is complete. To test how it behaves in an actual business process automation flow, you will need to an action as your next step – for example Slack or Salesforce if you want to sync Qualtrics data with customer contact details.

As an action:

Qualtrics as an action works with changes made in another application in your workflow. The setup instructions are essentially the same: select Qualtrics from the list of connectors, pick a function, and validate your Qualtrics account on the elastic.io iPaaS platform using your existing or new login information.

You can send unique requests to the Qualtrics API endpoints using any of the GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE procedures by using the “Make Raw Request” function after the object creation. There are currently other action functions called “Lookup Object” that can be used to look up certain fields using particular criteria and object types (e.g. Qualtrics ID).

OUR TIP: Start your test flow with our Simple Trigger connector to quickly assess Qualtrics’s action connector settings. Just keep in mind that Simple Trigger doesn’t have any contact info-related data items to sync, so that it can’t be used to test how the Qualtrics connector receives datasets from other systems. You must link this connector with more compatible elastic.io platform apps in order to properly explore it.

Please refer to our dedicated Documentation (above link) page for further information on how to use the Qualtrics component.

Popular Qualtrics integrations scenarios

As we mentioned before, Qualtrics does by default offer integrations to a significant number of third-party business software. In addition, there are several single connectors available thanks to Qualtrics’s success as an experience management software, enabling small and growing organisations to assure feedback exchange between the partners systems and their users.

If you require a more comprehensive integration solution where you can link this CXM with other systems like HRM, CRM, research apps, or even reporting apps, an iPaaS platform like the one offered by elastic.io would be the best option.

Listed below, there are some integrations our users have developed are shown here:

Qualtrics Salesforce integration

It allows you to launch a survey from a Salesforce event and deliver survey reply data to Salesforce.

Qualtrics Slack integration

To rapidly spread critical analysis and information through your group and individual messages in Slack channel.

Qualtrics HubSpot integration

To create or modify deals and contacts in HubSpot based on events found in Qualtrics related data.

We have more awesome apps to connect!

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