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With PIM Core integration, you can enhance every customer's experience while saving time.

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Pimcore is an open-source enterprise PHP software platform for product information management, master data management, customer data management, digital asset management, content management, and digital commerce. Core features of PIM Core all relate to product information and digital assets and enable central management of product information. Integrating PIM Core with e-commerce platforms, ERP and other enterprise systems enable automation of many maintenance tasks and results in customers getting the most up-to-date product information.

About elastic.io’s PIM Core integrations connector

Pimcore data can be exposed with Datahub. Under the hood it utilizes GraphQL query language. For the component to work this bundle must be installed and enabled.

Once the bundle is installed you can go to Datahub – Add Configurations -> GraphQL and setup query, mutation schemas, API keys, permission access, etc. from there.

This is a proprietary connector. It was created especially to be used in the integration flows of the elastic.io platform and is included by default.

This connector has no trigger actions and is therefore not available to choose as the first connector in any flow. Thios connector has a single, but very powerful, action – making a Raw request to execute your GraphQL query of choice. In this way any endpoints can be accessed. For more details regarding the function of this connector please refer to the documntation. linked at the top of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to utilise this connector in your project, you must have a user account on the elastic.io integration platform. Here you may sign up for a free 14-day trial if you’re new to elastic.io.