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With MS Dynamics Business Central integration, you can enhance your business by having a powerful management.

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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a solution that allows you to integrate your small to medium-sized business’s activities.

This multinational software company ensure business continuity by connecting the teams for sales, service, finance, and operations with a cloud solution, which will enable them to react more quickly and produce results.

Although, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central has a large list of partners, users take benefit from using for a more focused and customized integration with two or more applications.

About’s Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integrations connector

This is a proprietary connection for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to quickly incorporate new business model with flexible deployment, dependability, security, and an adaptive solution that evolves with you.

The Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integration connection supports both triggers and actions. This implies that you can use it to initiate an event or respond to one that has already begun. You could, for example, use it as a trigger to get every thing that was added or changed during a specific time frame.

You can use it either to execute or to act upon a certain event. For example, you can update or create objects within a given time range. By clicking the above link, you can access the connector’s documentation page where you can learn more about the possible triggers and actions.

You cannot alter or expand the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integration connection on your own because it is covered by a proprietary license. Please get in touch with our pre-sales team at [email protected] if you require any additional triggers and/or actions for your integrations in order to talk more about the specifics.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to utilize the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central connection connector in your project, you must have a user account on the integration platform. Here you may sign up for a free 14-day trial if you’re new to

How to add Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integrations on

As a trigger

Step 1

After creating of your account on the platform, go to the Dashboard or Flows sections, select the “Add new Flow” option, then you can either scroll to the bottom or use the search bar to locate the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central connector.


Step 2

The Microsoft Dynamics Business Central connector triggers currently include the “Get New and Updated Objects” functionality, which polls for updated data objects like items within a predetermined time frame. However, this feature is still under development.

Step 3

By selecting which data elements you want to poll, you may further setup the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central connector as a trigger (such as sales orders).

Step 4

You can ask for a sample of the records when the trigger configuration is finished to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is set up properly. Like Magento 2 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you must provide an action as your next step if you want to sync with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and offer a best-in-class product experience. The performance of it in an actual business process automation cycle can then be evaluated.

As an action:

A change made in one application can be used with an action in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. To start setting up this connector, select Microsoft Dynamics Business Central from the list of connectors, choose a function, and verify your connector’s account on the platform using your current or new login information.

You can send one-of-a-kind queries to the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central API endpoints using any of the GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE procedures by utilizing the “Make Raw Request” function after the object creation. There are already more action methods called “Lookup Objects” that may be used to look up certain fields using particular criteria and object kinds (e.g. customers).

OUR TIP: To quickly evaluate the parameters for the action connector in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, begin your test flow with our Simple Trigger connector. Just keep in mind that Simple Trigger cannot evaluate how well the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central connector gets data from other systems because it lacks any contact information-related data items to sync. To fully explore this connector, you must link it to other relevant platform.

To learn more about leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central component, go to our specific documentation page (above link).

Popular Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integrations scenarios

As we’ve already established, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central does by default provide integrations with a considerable number of commercial software programs. The popularity of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central has also made a number of single connectors available, allowing small and expanding enterprises to ensure feedback exchange between the systems of the partners and their consumers.

An iPaaS platform like the one provided by would be the best choice if you need a more extensive connection solution where you can connect Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with other systems like e-commerce, surveys, or even marketing automation.

Listed below, there are some integrations our users have developed:

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Magento 2 integration

Sync your products, stock, client data, delivery details, and more.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central BigCommerce integration

Use a single, user-friendly interface to manage all aspects of your connection’s monitoring, management, and modification.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central MailChimp integration

Transfer segments from Customer Insights to Mailchimp to target potential or current customers.

We can link to even more fantastic apps!

Check out all the business tools and software you can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to provide the entire organization with quicker and more accurate product information. Get a 14-day free trial without any restrictions right immediately.