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If you operate in the Latin America, you are certainly familiar with Mercado Pago – the largest fintech solution that is available to Latin American businesses and consumers. It is a digital payment platform that was originally designed an in-built online payment system to accompany the MercadoLibre ecommerce platform.

One of the advantages of Mercado Pago is that an online store customers can easily use their own native currencies from Latin American countries to make payments; there is no need for converting to dollars or euros. Payments are possible via credit cards, bank transfers, balances from customers’ accounts, or directly through the Mercado Pago portal.

About Mercado Pago integration connector

This is a proprietary connector that allows you to connect your online store to the Mercado Pago payment gateway. It was built exclusively for the platform and comes pre-installed with all of the other connectors.

The Mercado Pago integration connector comes with both triggers and actions. This means that you can use it either at the beginning of your workflow to trigger some process or in the middle of a flow in order to act upon a certain change or update.

For example, as soon as there is a new payment created in Mercado Pago, this triggers an order status update in your online store. Or when using it as an action, you can easily search through payments using their ID. You’ll find more information about the available triggers and actions on the connector’s documentation page, following the link above.

Because it’s under a proprietary license, you can’t make any modification to our Mercado Pago integration connector. Please contact our pre-sales team at ps[@] to discuss the details if you require extra triggers and/or actions for your integrations.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to first register an account on the platform in order to work with the Mercado Pago connector in your flows. Here’s where you can sign up for a free 14-day trial of

How to add Mercado Pago integrations on

As an trigger:

Step 1
Once signed in on the platform, go to the Dashboard section or Flows and click “Add new Flow” to select Mercado Pago from the list of the connectors. To find it, scroll down the page (the connector are organised alphabetically) or use the search box.

Mercado Pago integration connector selection

Step 2

After you’ve selected the connector, the available trigger function “Get New and Updated Objects Polling” will be selected by default and you can add new credentials to authenticate yourself.

For that, you just need to find the App token of your Mercado Pago installation. You can check how to find that here, in the Developers portal of the vendor.

Step 3

After you’ve authenticated your account, you can select the object type you want to work with (currently, this object is Payments but more is coming soon), specify whether you want new or modified data, and add the external reference, which is an ID given by the merchant in their system.

Configure trigger Mercado Pago

Step 4

After that, you can request a sample of the records to verify that you configured Mercado Pago correctly, and then you’re done.

OUR TIP: The simplest approach to test this connector as a trigger in a real flow is to sync it with our Email connector — for example, to send yourself a payment overview. In a real project, you’ll probably use a system like VTEX or Shopify, which is closer to the actual business processes you wish to automate.

As an action:

Using Mercado Pago as an action means that it follows some other application in your workflow. Apart from that, the setup steps are similar: select Mercado Pago from the list of connectors, select a function, and use the existing or create new credentials to authenticate your Mercado Pago account on the platform.

When it comes to functions, you can look up an object by a specific search criteria such as Mercado Pago ID or External ID or make a so-called Raw Request and use any of the GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE methods to call any Mercado Pago REST API endpoint.

Action functions Mercado Pago integration

OUR TIP: To quickly assess Mercado Pago settings as an action connector, you can start your test flow with our Simple Trigger connector. However, Simple Trigger is not suitable for testing how the Mercado Pago connector receives datasets from other systems because it lacks any payment-related data items to sync.

Popular Mercado Pago automation scenarios

Even though Mercado Pago might not be as well-known as, say, PayPal, this digital payment platform is extremely popular with merchants in Latin America. It is, therefore, no surprise that Mercado Pago themselves offer a number of, as they call them, plugins to connect the payment processing gateway with a few popular eCommerce solutions such as WooCommerce or PrestaShop.

However, if you need a more holistic integration solution, where you can connect various systems such as CRM or ERP along with Mercado Pago and your online shop, an integration platform such as the one provided by might be just the right choice.

Here are some of the most popular Mercado Pago integrations that our users have created:

Mercado Pago with VTEX

To add an additional payment processing gateway to an online shop built with VTEX.

Mercado Pago with Salesforce

To improve the management of order payments between Salesforce and the Mercado Pago payment gateway.

Mercado Pago with Shopify

To accept payments through Mercado Pago’s API endpoint called Checkout Pro.

… and there are many more apps to connect to.

Take a look at all of the applications and systems you can connect Mercado Pago with to offer the users of your online shop more flexibility when it comes to payment options. Get your free 14-day demo now, no strings attached.