Separate the modification of configurable values from the modification of the flow with the Configuration Connector

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The configuration connector allows separating the modification of configurable values from the modification of the flow. To clarify this, let’s have an example. Say, you would like to synchronize prices between an ERP and an online shop. Prices in the ERP exist only in the currency A, but prices in the online shop are in the currency B. In addition to that, you have multiple flows associated with that scenario.

Now let’s imagine that you want to convert prices as data is moved between systems at a fixed rate, which must be the same between all flows. With the configuration connector, you can create a flow logic that would enable you to change the exchange rate by modifying only the configuration credentials to include the new rate. This way, the currency rate can be changed from a single place, and the change will affect all the flows in question.

About Configuration integration connector

This is’s own private connector to work with all other connectors in your integration workflows and it was developed specifically for the platform. It is delivered with the platform by default.

Configuration integration connector currently supports only the action functionality, which means that you can use it to execute a certain event that follows another event. In this case, you can emit the configuration data as a valid JSON object in a message.

Due to the fact that it is under the proprietary license, you cannot change or extend this connector yourself. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact our pre-sales team at ps[at]

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