SAP Business By Design and Commercetools will connect and keep your systems in sync

SAP By Design and Commercetools




Initial import of existing product data. Constant sync of product stock between your SAP ByDesign ERP and online shop.
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SAP Business By Design and Commercetools : Products

Adding Products

Product data is imported from ERP to shop. For each SAP ByDesign product ID a unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) ID is generated in shop.

Adding Prices

Prices are added from SAP ByDesign to product types and their variants in the Commercetools shop using a very unique external ID.

Syncing the Stock

All changes to the product stock are monitored and synced between the SAP By Design ERP and the online shop system to avoid "out of stock".


SAP Business By Design and Commercetools : Customers

Creating Customer

The new customer data is transferred into the ERP from the Shop. Unregistered customer data can be processed similarly with an additional option of not to store.

Identifying Customer

Every customer receives a unique ID in ERP which is reported back to the Shop as an External ID. This ID is used every time to identify the returning customers.

Updating Customer Data

Every subsequent visit by returning customer initiates update of the data not only when new address or payment info is inputed but also for the record of history and behaviour.


SAP Business By Design and Commercetools : Orders

Creating Order

New orders are received in the Commercetools shop and are transferred into the ERP system by Create order integration flow.

Syncing Order

New order information is recorded in the SAP ByDesign ERP and a unique Order Number ID is sent back to the Shop to synchronise.

Update Order Status

Any further changes or updates to order status are being synchronised using a unique ID assigned on SAP ByDesign site for consistency.


SAP Business By Design and Commercetools : Delivery

Connect Delivery

Delivery of goods can be connected either through the Shop or ERP. After connecting delivery with one system the other can be synched seamlessly.

Add Delivery Info

Delivery information is received via specially configured WebHook interface which reports it directly to either Shop or ERP depending on the configuration.

Update Delivery Info

Further updates about the delivery status is being processed similarly through the same interface. All is done seamlessly and synchronously.

Still Not Convinced?

Here is a typical situation which many of our clients faced before choosing integration solution.

  • Company has numerous products with different variants to sell. All the product lists, descriptions and details are already in their SAP ByDesign ERP system.
  • Company sets-up a shop system run on Commercetools an e-commerce PaaS (previously known as Company wishes to sell the products and provide up-to-date information about the product availability, orders, payments and the deliveries.

What options does this company have?

  • They can manually export each product information and then similarly import it to their shop system – not a very practical method prone to errors and complete waste of company resources.
  • It would be much better to use SAP ByDesign to Commercetools integration solution which would do all of those tasks automatically for every company and keep all the data in sync all the time – a win-win situation for any company!