Your Customer, Your Integrations, Your Platform

The White Labelled Edition enables IT departments and system integrators to deliver repetitive integration scenarios as ready-to-use packages through self-service portals to their end users and save own valuable resources

White-labelled integration suite for your integration projects

DIY Integration

Build a self-service integration portal with your branding with the platform as underlying technology and empower your users to connect various applications on their own with the help of easy-to-use, do-it-yourself integration tools

Increased Productivity

With the advantages of the platform like continuous deployment, effective code reusage and collaborative environment, in-house developed, SaaS and on-premise applications becomes easier and faster than ever

Reduced Efforts

Cut development time, risks and costs while standardizing integration processes and implementing centralized monitoring. Free your own valuable IT resources to focus on mission critical tasks instead

New Scenarios

Explore new integration scenarios like mobile integration or data exchange between various systems of engagement and record in a faster, secure and highly scalable technological environment

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Out-of-the-box self-service integration marketplace

Product Tour Step1 : Set up

Set up

Build your own self-service integration portal under your branding. You can empower your users to connect applications on their own with the help of easy-to-use integration tools

Product Tour Step2 : Integrate


Seamlessly integrate functionality straight into your application UI. Your users won’t even get the notion of our platform being behind those buttons, yet you will get all the benefits of a reliable and performant integration platform

Product Tour Step4 : Monitor


Reliable and elastically scalable runtime based on Docker micro-services. The comprehensive monitoring system provides logging information, runtime metrics and detailed error reporting

Product Tour Step5 : Support


With detailed logs of when your users’ flows were started, how many data records have been transferred or synchronized, during which transfer an error has occurred and what caused it, you’ll
have all data at your fingertips when your users need support

Reduce integration costs, risks and efforts

All your integration components are executed in the dedicated Docker containers, where you retain full control on dependencies and resources available for execution.
Drill down to the individual logging and messaging level, see log statements from your custom and pre-defined integration components. You can also forward logs to external systems.
Growing number of integration components templates for popular APIs, available for you to fork and modify with ease. Connect to such systems like SAP ByDesign, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics faster.
Seamless authentication for your end-users. We give you a SAML client, that will connect to your SAML identity provider.
Visual mapping and data transformation from one format to another, support for complex array as well as arrays transformation, lookup tables and many more.
Easy to use credentials and authentication management with out-of-the-box support for OAuth1, OAuth2, and SAML. Clearly separate dev / stage and production credentials.
Self-service component creation with Java and Node.js SDKs allows developers to build and deploy their own API components. Each SDK comes with samples and documentation.
One REST API to manage credentials, create/start/stop integration tasks, get execution statistics and detailed information on integration flows.