Accelerate your digital transformation

Connectors & iPaaS

  • Cloud-based integration platform with preconfigured connectors govern interactions between cloud and on-premises software applications
  • ERP integration, e.g. SAP or Navision
  • CRM integration, e.g. Salesforce, MS Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM
  • eCommerce integration, e.g. Magento, Shopware or Commercetools

Solution, not just a software

  • Selection and implementation of most meaningful integration solutions for your IT applications
  • Range of services includes all benefits of a cloud-based solution
  • Hosting of preconfigured connectors
  • Required maintenance work and complete data management

Consulting services

  • as an expert with long-term experience in the integration of ERP, CRM and eCommerce systems
  • Expert advice on selection of software that would perfectly meet your business requirements and needs
  • Support during integration and migration projects
  • Ensuring lossless data transformation between applications

Easy transition to the cloud

  • SaaS applications are considered less flexible due to their limited customization options
  • The cloud-based integration platform confronts cloud issues
  • Support during configuration and seamless integration of cloud applications
  • Considerably easier transition to the cloud for your company

Our connectors - Cloud-based integration platform
„’s biggest advantage for us was their flexibility and readiness to get down to the project implementation now.“Johann Trischberger, CEO Fabric House

What makes our solution exceptional?

Best-of-Breed vs. Lock-In

  • No long-term dependency on certain software applications or software providers
  • Freedom to choose best-of-breed IT applications and integrate them with each other
  • Flexibility to switch to other solutions if needed in the future
  • Seamless and extensive data migration thanks to the iPaaS approach

Shortened Time-to-Market

  • standardize integration solutions as well as the predefined and reusable connectors
  • Your projects’ duration is considerably reduced
  • Quicker and more affordable integrations between SaaS and on-premise software solutions
  • Faster response of your company to market demands

Security “made in Germany”

  • The cloud integration platform is hosted by T-Systems in Munich
  • The first and only European iPaaS which infrastructure is based entirely in Germany
  • Our cloud integration platform is compliant with the most stringent
    data protection regulations worldwide (BDSG)
  • We ensure the highest data security and data protection for customers

Next-generation solution

  • The cloud integration platform is multi-tenant and scalable
  • Customers can book additional preconfigured connectors from our collection at any time
  • Independent development of new connectors with our Software Development Kit
  • A next-generation solution thanks to our technological advantage

„It saves time and money immensely. We used to spend from 10 to 30 days building an average integration; now we need about 10-15 hours to integrate the pre-defined
connectors.“Christopher Batik, CEO Keynet


Customer Success Story

Case Study  - Fabric House
  • Fabric House wants to integrate MS Dynamics CRM (Online) with Dynamics Navision (On-Premise), online shop software SPHERE.IO and later connect to Logistics
  • For this project, Fabric House selects the integration solution.

Learn how Fabric House could reduce monthly costs by 85% and setup costs by 90% using the integration solution.

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