Integration Marketplace: Sales Channel That Is Tailor-Made for System Integrators

There is no need to question the impact of cloud computing anymore – more and more businesses widely use cloud business applications. For one, around 90% SMBs in the USA have reportedly already adopted Cloud.

Cloud business applications are, however, only part of the game, as these are merely the means to digitize certain business interactions. Increasingly more businesses are looking for mature and sophisticated integration solutions, that can automate and speed up complete business processes. The problem is – building such solutions is usually time-consuming and effort-intensive both for the customer and for the system integrator.

System integrators can address the growing need for well-rounded integration solutions at lower expense by standardizing integration scenarios with similar business logic. Following that, they can industrialize them to address a large number of price-sensitive customers.

Download the Integration Marketplace datasheet to learn:

  • How system integrators will be able to address more customers at lower efforts
  • Why the Integration Marketplace offers a more reliable source of revenue for system integrators
  • What you as a system integrator get by being listed on the Integration Marketplace

DIY Integration Marketplace as a Cure Against Shadow IT


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