Feature alert March 2016

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Feature alert March 2016

March is over and we are excited to introduce you to our awesome new feature as well as to some improvements of an already existing one.

Step-by-step execution

Previously, when you set up your integration flow, you could check whether everything’s working only after you started the whole thing. You would naturally get very detailed logs to troubleshoot, but there is still a much better way to handle that – check each part of the integration flow BEFORE you actually start it. And this is exactly the feature we are excited to introduce you to:

Step-by-step execution

Before that, it would normally have taken you 5-10 minutes of your valuable time to correct such a simple integration flow as Timer to Email. Imagine how much time you would have spent on troubleshooting something far more complex where you’d have to transfer, map and check more than 10 parameters.

When enabled, the new Step-by-Step Execution feature allows you to design and execute each individual step of your integration flow in the designer window with your own data during the setup already. It is meant to speed up your development and testing time significantly by giving you an opportunity to build and troubleshoot your integration flows on the fly.

Step-by-step execution example

What is significant is that Data mapper stage will not display anything until the previous stage is executed.

The new feature can be switch on in your dashboard after you select the components you want to connect.

Step-by-step execution dashboard

You can read more about it here in our documentation.

Code Component enhanced

Our Code component is in itself not a new feature, we have been using it ourselves for quite some time now, usually at our production stage. But this month we added a few super-awesome features to it and decided to open-source it as a community component.

Code component

Best served with our new Step-by-Step Execution feature, the Code component adds flexibility to your coding and allows you to test pieces of your code in real time. This comes in handy if you, for example, are still in the process of brainstorming your own integration component and would like to quickly test one piece of code to see how it runs on our system.

Currently, we offer this component only for Node.js, further details are on this page.

What to expect in April

More exciting updates are coming in April 🙂 Right now we are working on some awesome feature that will speed up performance immensely while keeping the latency very low. It will make data processing a millisecond fast deal. Stay tuned;-)

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