Feature alert July 2016

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Feature alert July 2016

Although the work on some of the features that were announced last time is still in full progress, we have implemented a number of important improvements and enhancements. Therefore, we want to share them with you right now, since you will probably find quite a number of them very useful.

The first improvement was actually announced in the last Feature Alert is. Please meet:

Improvement: Organizations Switch Bar

Last month we officially launched the new feature called Organizations. We quickly found out, though, that some developers work with several organizations, not just one. This is especially the case with system integrators and software providers, as they usually use the elastic.io integration platform to work on integration projects for different customers.

Therefore, it made sense to us to enable such developers to switch between different organizations without having to log out and log in with different credentials over and over again. Hence, we introduced the Organizations Switch Bar.

First of all, when you log in the elastic.io app dashboard, you’ll get the overview of all organizations you’re assigned to (see the picture below). But most importantly, when you’re already inside an organization dashboard, you can switch to another organization easily and conveniently from the menu in the upper right corner.

Feature alert July 2016 Pic #1

Moreover, you can even open all organizations at the same time in different tabs.

Open several organizations in multiple tabs

Please keep in mind that everything you’ll create and do in one organization, will stay in that same organization. You can have multiple organizations either by contacting our support, in case you’re creating new organizations, or you can be invited by your colleagues to join other existing organizations. Also keep in mind that you will be using the quota assigned to each particular organization. Please contact our support for more information.

Enhancements: New Support Workflow, Status page and Release Notes

First of all, it needs to be mentioned that we have a new Support Widget with more options than before. Through this widget, you can access various info like Documentation or submit a ticket much easier than before.

Although this feature has been online for quite some time by now, we never properly announced it. Now we feel it’s the time to do this:

Improved Support Widget

Most importantly, though, we have a new customer support workflow. If previously you would use a chat to ask questions or report an issue, now you can submit a question, an issue or even a request using our recently introduced Ticketing System. You can create a new ticket without leaving the dashboard (see the picture below), and you will be automatically notified by email each time you get a response from one of our support agents. This way you can be sure, we will never miss your submission, and you will never miss our reply.

New ticketing system

One of the services you can access via this buttons is our Status Page. For us, this status page is our incident management tool. For you, in case something is working not quite the way it is expected, the status page provides all the insights why this is happening.

Access our status page from the Support Widget

Through this Status Page, you’ll receive updates not only about any sudden issues, but also about the process of their fixing, and when they are fixed.

Another service you can access from the dashboard is our Release Notes. Although we’ve been diligently issuing Feature Alerts (and are planning to continue doing this in the future), there are other important things you need to know about, like Bug Fixes and Updates.

Access Release Notes from our new Support Widget

Besides, this way you’ll stay up-to-date regardless of whether you receive and read our Feature Alerts or not;-)

(Kind Of) New Feature: Merged Repositories and Teams bars

Some of you have probably already noticed this change: If previously you had the Repositories and Teams bars in your dashboard, now they disappeared. But no worries, they haven’t disappeared completely. It’s just that now they are merged into one bar Developers.

Merged Repositories and Teams

The reason why we did that is that our platform is visited not only by developers, but also by other parties who are not directly involved into the development process, for example product managers. Since Repositories and Teams were both exclusively developer-oriented, they were a point of confusion for some non-IT users.

Therefore, we decided to put an end to this confusion and clearly outline the section that is aimed at developers only.

What to expect in August

In August, we’ll continue working on the features that we announced last time. We will refine the representation of integration flow in real-time, to introduce real-time updates about the state of data processing, containers start time, data records updates, etc.

In addition to that, we will be working on a new feature called Alerts. If some part of the integration flow malfunctions for some reason, thanks to this feature developers will get immediately notified about the issue.

Stay tuned;-)

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