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feature alert jan2016

Beginning of 2016 was very interesting for us – new customers and many new features in our platform. We scratched the 300k mark of launched containers in January, growing significantly in comparison with December 2015. Here is a short summary of new features delivered and released in January 2016.

New features

Two major themes for January were API and stability / performance.

API Enhancements

We invested significant time into enhancing our integration management API. If you check documentation you’ll find the new methods for task creation, task life-cycle (start/stop) and task deletion. Using these methods you can seamlessly embed the elastic.io integration into your app. We also enhanced component and repository management capabilities of the API so that you can operate with components / repositories in more fine-granular way now. Needless to say the documentation and enhancements for elsticio-rest-node library are all up to date.

Performance and stability

Significant enhancements were made under-the-hood that led to significant improvements in platform stability and performance. In January we brought our lab-cluster (with 40GB or RAM) to saturation and stretched the boundaries of traditional microservices / container technologies. As a result we had numerous internal enhancements and a new releases of our component middleware library sailor, for both sailor-node and sailor-jvm.


Our documentation section got several updates as well. We aim to have more “developer-friendly” content to present several hidden features of the platform. One such case is the rebound. There are numerous new code snippets and examples presented to explain the exact syntaxes and implementation techniques of our features. More featured content is on the way, so check our documentation section for updates.

What comes next

There are many new exiting features are coming in February, we can’t disclose all of them now 🙂 but you could expect new component events for improved component life-cycle handling that would allow you better resource management within components. More straightforward handling of unix signals (SIGKILL, SIGTERM, etc.). Public API for listening on the task execution events / execution statistics and many other features.

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