Feature alert February 2016

Renat Zubairov feature-alert

February is over and we are excited to give you a short overview of the improvements we’ve been working on during the cold and rainy month.

Tenant management UI (preview)

Multi-tenancy is a built-in feature of elastic.io from day one. Set of tenant management capabilities was already available to our customers on the Embedded and White-label plans long before, and now we are bringing a new shiny UI for it.

Tenant Management UI User list

Thanks to the tenant management you as a tenant admin will be able to see and manage users registered under your tenant, manage individual user account (e.g. enabling/disabling), see the task executions of each user inside your tenant and even drill down to individual task execution statistics to see performance, errors and logging information.

User details in tenant management

This UI is currently available in preview mode for selected White-Label and Embedded customers, ping us if you want to give it a try.

API v 2.0 (preview)

We have started working on the second version of our API and released parts of it to the public recently. With API v2.0 we will change our API to be more compatible with jsonapi.org to make introspection, navigation and paging simpler and more aligned with the best practicies. New version of our API will also introduce some new resources for advanced tenant management as well as change some of the user management endpoints that were confusing in v1.0. Currently, API v2.0 is released as a preview, we plan to release it to production in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the v2.0 is not backwards compatible with v1.0, but we plan to let v1.0 run for some time after the v2.0 release to make sure you have enough time to migrate.

Infrastructure upgrade + new DC

We are glad to announce that as of today, we have a second elastic.io data center in production in parallel to our original DC hosted by T-Systems in Munich. Our new infrastructure provider is ProfitBricks, and we are very happy with the services, support and very competitive pricing. In addition to that, ProfitBricks GmbH is a German company that satisfies highest data protection and privacy requirements and was able to provide all required legal framework for protecting our customers’ data.

3 new open-source component templates

Last but not least, we are excited to present three API component templates that are available as open-source on GitHub. These are:

  1. Keen IO – analytics platform with the embedding option. With the help of this component, you can push arbitrary data to the Keen IO API. It uses keen-js node.js library inside.
  2. Close.io – a sales platform that uses the sales-as-a-service approach. This component allows to create a new lead and a new task in their CRM system.
  3. Tallyfy – a cloud-based application for business process management. As an API integration component, it puts the processes that has already been generated in the system to work.

What to expect in March

We have some great plans for March 🙂 I can not disclose everything, but we are working on a new way to improve integration designers productivity, bringing entirely new experience when designing and configuring integration flows.

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