Deliver integration projects faster

Build reusable, exchangeable integration components with Node.js and Java SDKs, use our library of pre-defined connector templates and share your integration scripts with your team.

“ platform saves a ridiculous amount of time & costs in both development and management instead of building our in-house solution.”

“With the platform, we have one infrastructure for all integrations. This reduces time for our developers by up to 80%, and therefore, reduces time for our customers too. Now we can meet their integration requirements and deliver projects considerably faster.”

“If it were not for the integration platform, some integration solutions would either have never taken place or not so quickly.”

Build own integration components from scratch or with pre-defined component templates


Use our Node.js & Java (™) with JSON-based data exchange to write your own API integration components from scratch. Other programming languages are supported. Push you code artefacts via the industry standard software development system Git, share them with your team

Reusable Components

Build reusable and exchangeable components for SaaS, on-premise and in-house developed applications. With, the process of developing, governing, scaling and monitoring integration scripts and processes becomes simpler and more secure than before

Detailed Monitoring & Logging

Test how certain elements of your code interact with each other while still being at the very early stage of development. Make sure you find and eliminate any errors even before you have finished building your integration component

Library of Component Templates

Take advantage of our library of pre-defined integration templates prepared for you to adapt, modify and extend them according to your needs. Choose between several databases, CRM, ERP and eCommerce systems.

Watch the video to see how to create your first integration component in no time

Build custom integrations with these four steps

Product Tour Step1 : Code


Build your own API component from scratch using the programming language of your choice or use one of our 50+ existing component templates. Ready-to-use SDKs for Node.js and Java, other programming languages are supported

Product Tour Step2 : Push


Package and deliver your code artefacts to via the industry standard software development system Git. Developer’s best practices like continuous integration are supported, available on every platform

Product Tour Step3 : Connect


Use our graphical designer to connect integration components. The intuitive mapping tool offers advanced visual data mapping via Drag & Drop and complex data transformation with lookup tables & custom JS code snippets

Product Tour Step4 : Monitor

Run & Monitor

Reliable and elastically scalable runtime based on Docker micro-services. The comprehensive monitoring system provides logging information, runtime metrics and detailed error reporting

Everything you need for your integration projects

All your integration components are executed in the dedicated Docker containers, where you retain full control on dependencies and resources available for execution.
Drill down to the individual logging and messaging level, see log statements from your custom and pre-defined integration components. You can also forward logs to external systems.
Growing number of integration components templates for popular APIs, available for you to fork and modify with ease. Connect to such systems like SAP ByDesign, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics faster.
Each integration component have a build-in persistent state so that you could store arbitrary data.
Visual mapping and data transformation from one format to another, support for complex array/arrays transformation, lookup tables and many more.
Easy to use credentials and authentication management with out-of-the-box support for OAuth1, OAuth2, and SAML. Clearly separate dev / stage and production credentials.
Self-service component creation with Java and Node.js SDKs allows developers to build and deploy their own API components. Each SDK comes with samples and documentation.
Collaborate on component creation with your team.