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Beta tester for elasticio v2 platform wanted
Please note the period of Beta testing is over. Our new platform is up and operational.

We are releasing our brand-new platform 2.0 and we need your help, because we are looking for volunteers to try out the new Platform 2.0 during the private beta launch in August.

We have made some awesome major updates to our Platform and are going to launch the new version named Platform 2.0 very very soon.

But before we do this, we would like to invite YOU to test new features. Become our beta tester for the time period 03rd August – 30th August 2015.

The new platform release enables self-service component creation based on Docker microcontainers, so that you could add missing API connectors or any arbitrary code to our platform. In this regard we are especially interested in letting you build your own components.

We need you, if you:

  • can hack with JavaScript (node.js) or Java
  • know how to use Git to push your code around
  • have integration needs (or just very very curious)
  • want to integrate with the components we already have (although this is not a must-have; after all, maybe you want to hack TWO components instead of just one and connect them with each other?)

If this is you and you can bring some extra time in August for hacking your own component(-s), then just drop a line with a single word “Interested!” and the subject “Beta tester for Platform 2.0” straight to my email address olga[at] I’ll send you further information the next day.

All I will need from you for the moment is how many guys or girls you’re going to bring with you (if any), your active email address (a must-have for organisation and keeping the communication going), and your name (a nice-to-have, but I can call you whatever you want me to:-) )

What you get out of becoming a beta tester at iPaaS? Well, the new Platform 2.0 will offer you the same functionality as any PaaS like Heroku or AppFog does, namely you can have your own repositories, deploy your codes, work on projects together with your team. But in addition to that, your code will be able to communicate with any other components hosted on our platform through their APIs immediately after deployment, meaning that you will have next to countless integration possibilities.

So, interested? Then send me an email, and I’ll get back to you with further details.

Oh, and by the way, you’re very welcome to share this post with anyone who you think would like to hack a thing or two too.


Please note the period of Beta testing is over. Our new platform is up and operational.

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