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Log aggregation for Docker containers in Mesos / Marathon cluster

Renat Zubairov integration platform, know-how

This article will describe several alternatives for gathering Docker containers logs in the distributed environment of Apache Marathon / Mesos cluster, like Syslog, Container linking, Docker REST API, embedded logging piping stdout/stderr and Mesos APIs for that. We’ll go through a problem statement, different alternatives and describe the challenges related to each of them. tl;dr: Docker REST API combined with …

mailjet integration howto

How to activate the Mailjet integration

Olga Annenko Connectors, know-how

In our last blog post I was talking about how a ready-to-use Mailjet integration solution can effectively support you in automating your email marketing with Mailjet. This time, as promised, I’m going to lead you step-by-step through the Mailjet integration process. We’ve prepared a few ready-to-use recipes which you can find here. Just choose the recipe you need, click on …

Alternative to Heroku

Alternatives to Heroku

Renat Zubairov know-how

I was spending couple of evenings last week looking for German hosted alternatives to Heroku. Heroku is an absolutely awesome Platform as a Service (PaaS). We at are active and paying customers of Heroku for the last two years. We are very happy with the value it provides, however after the NSA scandal we are being very often asked …


Why we chose API-Based CMS System

Renat Zubairov know-how

In our last post we summarised what we need in our new content management system (CMS). After careful considerations and analysis we selected a new interesting CMS system. It is called And it’s cool not only because it’s name ends with .io (which is actually a top level domain for British Indian Ocean Territory) but also because it satisfy …

Amazon Cloudfront Part 1

How we use Amazon CloudFront for dynamically generated content

Renat Zubairov know-how

Amazon CloudFront in combination with custom origin provide us with a great caching and content delivery service. We can use it even for dynamically generated resources. In our (simplistic) test we’ve seen 10-fold increase in speed and latency when serving from the Amazon CloudFront caches. With CloudFront we can declaratively control caching behaviour. This means that we can also use …